Ron and Roberta

This may not be the first time you have met Ron and Roberta. They have been doing shows throughout the country for 15 of the over 26 years that they have been in business. You may have met them at any of the following shows:

Hillsborough Antique Show – San Mateo, California
Pasadena Antique Show – Pasadena, California
Fort Mason Antique Show – San Francisco, California
Baltimore Antique Show – Baltimore, Maryland
Chicago O’Hare Antique Show – Chicago, Illinois
HADA Antique Show – Houston, Texas
Santa Monica Antique Show – Santa Monica, California

Now, you don’t have to wait for that once per year show. The show at Beyond Expression on-line is ongoing here on the internet. Listing the best of the best, please browse the catalog at your leisure. But don’t stop there. If you cant find that for which you are searching in the catalog, give Ron and Roberta a call or email . There is more in the shop and a wealth of resources to apply to locating just the right piece for your toughest decorating challenge.

Ron and Roberta are always happy to have you visit in person too! Stop in when in the Phoenix area. They are always ready to help you or … just to visit.