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Automaton Music Box/Clock Under Dome

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Wonderful and rare automaton music box with clock and birds, made in the late 1800s. It has a large tree made of papier-mâché with silk leaves and flowers. In front and to the left of the tree is a small clock that chimes on the hour. In front and to the right of the tree is a waterfall. There are four birds in and around the tree. One is on the top, a lovely bright red that flaps his wings. The second is in the tree and flies (yes, flies) from one branch to another. The third sits atop the clock, and the fourth is on the ground moving its head as it drinks from the waterfall. All four birds are completely feathered with real feathers. While all this is going on, the music box is playing. It is excellent condition with the clock, music box and birds all in great working condition. As expected with an item of this age, the leaves and flowers are faded, and there is very slight damage to the back side of the tree. This is rare and wonderful and a very desirable thing to own.

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